My Web Design Process

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Are you curious what my design process looks like? Take a look at my entire web design process below.

Stage One - PreWork

First things first, we need to get out onboarding taken care of. This step includes completing a proposal, signing a contract, and paying your 50% deposit. Once that’s done I’ll send over a Client Intake Questionnaire. It’s best to take a few days to really think over your answers and fill this out thoroughly. Your answers will help me get a better understanding of what makes your business tick, which helps me design a website that can really resonate with your audience.

Next we’ll schedule a strategy call. On the call we’ll discuss the website flowchart and you’ll have the chance to ask any questions you may have.

Most of the communication during the project will happen via email. I also keep a Trello board for each web design client I have, which you’re welcome to join. 

Stage Two - Design

This is the part we’re all excited for! In stage two I’ll begin the design for your project. There may be more than one aspect to your project, such as a logo and a website, so I will begin designing the most pertinent first and ask for your feedback. In this design stage the goal for the website is to have a wireframe established. 

A wireframe is the foundation on which I’ll begin building your site. It’s a simple outline that focuses on the structure of the page and how the customer will navigate. 

Next we’ll focus on style tiles. Style tiles are a visual reference for how your website will look. It showcases how the colors and fonts will look together and helps give you an overall feel of the website. 

If you’re writing any content or requesting anything specific on the homepage, those items are due at this point. If none are submitted (I send reminders) I’ll assume responsibility for developing the content myself.

Stage Three - Midpoint

We’re half way through our project! During this stage I’ll have you review the completed design of the homepage and provide your feedback. 

Again, if you’re writing any content for the website, all remaining content is due at this point. I’ll begin developing the wireframes for the rest of the pages and will begin to design by the next phase. 

I’ll also be developing your basic pages such as terms & conditions and your privacy policy. 

Stage Four - Development

Stage four is all on the backend of your website and generally needs little from you. This is the point I go in and begin uploading plugins, installing your theme, and loading your content. It generally takes about a week to do this, maybe longer, depending on the size of your website. 

Stage Five - Final Revisions

We’re now ready for you to review your full website one more time before launch and provide any final feedback you have. I’ll be making any small tweaks needed and make sure it’s ready for launch day. 

Stage Six - Launch

Congratulations – your website is live! Now that your online home is built, I’ll be wrapping up the project by creating backups and help documents for you. You’ll receive training videos for how to use and manage your website and all final graphics files. We’ll also hop on a call to discuss any questions you may have about your completed website.

At this point your support window ends. My web design clients are allowed to purchase additional hours of support.

I hope this walk through gave you a good inside look of my design process! Still have questions?

Angela Tyler web design process

Hey, I'm Angela

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur helping small business build a strong online presence through web design, photography, and marketing. Coffee is my life juice, my husband and kids are my fire, and nature is my home. 

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