Empowerment Network

The Mission

Empowerment Network serves as the Newaygo County Drop-In Center for those with mental and emotional difficulties. Their goal was to become more visible online and to offer a place where the community could learn more about the business.


  • New Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Photography
  • Brochure Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Form/Document Design


The business had been around for a long time but most of our small town either didn’t know about it or wasn’t sure what they did. The logo was busy and outdated, they had minimal online presence and just a Facebook page. They wanted to share who they were and show the community how impactful their programs are.

Areas of importance:

  • Information easy to find and understand
  • Gender inclusivity
  • Emphasis on how they impact the community and are working to stop the stigma of mental illness

The Solution

My job was to give their brand identity new life. When designing their logo, I wanted to keep the same lightning bolt element as in their original logo, but make it easier to digest. We opted for a badge style logo with bold beautiful colors. 

The website was designed with the users in mind. Most who would be researching Empowerment Network would be a parent or family member of someone who would benefit from being a member of their programs. With that in mind, I developed a website with clear concise messaging, easy to navigate menu, and responsive design. 

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