Why You Don’t Need More Instagram Followers

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We all feel the pressure of the numbers game. Everyone wants to boost their Instagram followers into the tens of thousands. But is that really helpful? Do all those numbers ma‚er that much? This week I’m breaking down why you don’t need more Instagram followers. Just a heads up, girls – this one is a bit of a rant. But it’s a good rant.

The numbers game. We see it all over with pie in the sky promises, follow for follow profiles, “like my page to get 1,000 followers”… blah, blah, blah.

I understand it, truly. We want our businesses to be successful and we figure the more eyes we’re in front of, the be‚er chances we’ll have. It’s true – to a point. It’s not just about the numbers, though. What kind of impact does it have on our business if we have tens of thousands of followers, but none of them actually interact with our brand?

Now, I’m not saying a large number of followers is a bad thing. It depends on what type of followers you have.

Kick that numbers mindset to the curb.

Let’s get down to the real reason you think you need a huge following. Are you trying to drive sales? Building an email list? Selling a product, or hosঞng an event? Maybe your main goal is just trying to be super popular on Instagram and have a large following. That’s a great goal and not one I’m dismissing, but this post is not for you. We are going to focus on the business building goals in this post.

The hard truth is this: having a huge following alone is not going to guarantee more bookings or more sales. It’s more about the type of followers than it is about the number of followers. Having tens of thousands of uninterested followers is not going to help your bo‚om line.

This is something that I myself have struggled with.

For a long ঞme, I really hated opening up my Instagram app and seeing that my numbers sঞll weren’t growing. In fact, it was normal for me to lose 2‑6 overnight. That feeling of wanঞng more and struggling to get it is SO frustraঞng!


2/7 3/6/2019

Why You Don’t Need More Instagram Followers – Angela Tyler

But here’s what I realized: all the effort I was puমng into growing my following was being wasted on people who didn’t stay. I would follow someone back and then 24 hours later they were gone. At first, it made me mad, but now I’m saying “buh‑bye!” That just means they are not my ideal client or my ideal audience.

Show some love to your current followers.

I’m going to lay down some hard truth right now. Focusing solely on building your follower list is parallel to telling your current following that they don’t ma‚er. Choosing to ignore the people who already love you and running a[er those who don’t know you exist is, in my opinion, a huge mistake.

You know how you can fall asleep with one amount of followers and wake up to a lesser amount the next morning? Instagram can be pre‚y fickle. But you have followers on your page who stay followers, who sঞck by you, who read your content and like your posts. THOSE are your people. THAT is your tribe. They are so much more likely to do business with you because they know who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t ignore them!

Attract the right audience.

If you’re just playing the numbers game I can pre‚y much guarantee you are not a‚racঞng the right people to your account. Like we talked about before, you don’t want to have tens of thousands of uninterested followers. You want to create content that is appealing to your target market and solves a problem they have, then you market to THEM. Even if you’re only growing by a handful of interested and relevant followers per day, you are much more likely to find them engaging and interacঞng with your brand.

Now, you might have a totally different perspecঞve than me. But I know I would rather have my 550 faithful and engaged followers than 20k who don’t give a hoot about what I’m doing. My li‚le bi‚y numbers include some amazing boss girls who comment on my posts, interact with my CTA’s, watch my stories, visit my blog, and show me love. This is my tribe. These are my girls, and I love them.

The bottom line.

Don’t focus on just numbers. Focus on who is following you and what you can do to serve them. If you focus more on building a relevant and engaged following, rather than quickly building a random one, I can promise you will see more growth in your business.

Hey, I'm Angela

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur helping small business build a strong online presence through web design, photography, and marketing. Coffee is my life juice, my husband and kids are my fire, and nature is my home. 

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