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Brand Design is for you if...

» You want a professional & polished look so others take you seriously

» You want to become an authority figure in your niche

» Your business needs a facelift because you’ve grown & improved


If any of this sounds familiar,

You're in the right place.

What's Included?


We’ll dive deep into your business and complete a questionnaire to help get an overview of what we want the final project to look like. 


This stage will include designing the various aspects of your brand including: main logo, submark & variants, font selection, color palette, etc.  


At this point, all of your brand assets have been designed & will be delivered to you via Google Drive. We’ll also finish up any final touches and any revisions that are left.

The Final Package

All of the above services, aspects, finished assets, etc. will be delivered to you in one neat digital file. You’ll receive a style guide that teaches you how to implement your new brand identity, as well as how to conform to it moving forward. 

Not to mention, you’ll have a brand-spankin’ new brand that feels as natural as your own skin.

Kind Words

“Angela is a great asset to my company! Having Angela [design] allows me to focus on my personal strengths so I can make money in my business.

On a personal note, she is very kind, listens well, and I believe she truly cares about the success of my business.”

– Debbie Shadid –

Hi, I'm Angela.

I’ve spent the better part of my young adult life trying to figure out where I fit. My job titles ranged from kitchen help to hairdresser to call center representative. Some I liked more than others (and some a LOT less than others) but there was one thing that bothered me most.

I was completely at the mercy of those I worked for. They decided when I could spend time with my family, what I had to live on, and whether or not I was worthy of a raise. I longed to break free of their confinements and be able to define my own worth.

Deciding to work for myself was the best decision I’ve ever made. I now call the shots in my own business and I LOVE what I do. Helping others succeed in their own businesses is what makes me feel amazing about what I do, and I can’t wait to learn how I can help you.

Brand Design

Timeline: 6-8 Weeks

$3000 (or 4 payments of $750)


» Strategy Call

» 4 Revisions

» Brand Board/Style Guide

» Main Logo

» Submarks & Logo Variants

» Font Selection

» Color Palette

(Please note I only accept a few clients per month so I can give you my full attention.)

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