Hey, I’m Angela.

I’m a graphic artist and I help female business owners showcase their brand.

 Most of us, in this day and age, are pretty visual people. We enjoy looking at pieces that make sense together and are pleasing to the eye. Having custom elements that are unique to your business not only look pretty, but establish you as a professional who takes yourself seriously. 

I’m on a mission to help business owners set themselves apart from the rest. And that comes from my own experience. 

When my self employment journey began, I started as a virtual assistant.

Immediately I recognized that where were a LOT of VA’s out there, and I was going to need to set myself apart. So I designed a beautiful brand and website and made sure my clients documents were just as lovely. Before long I found that most of my clients were excited to find a VA who specialized in creating detailed and upscale looking graphics. After spending some time working hourly, I decided it was time to pivot to project based services.


Now I’m enjoying more creative freedom!

I’m a multi passionate creative, which means I have lots of hobbies. From the time I was just a young kiddo I’ve been writing, painting, photographing, crafting, and everything in between. Now I get to share those passions with my clients and only do the type of work I’m in love with.

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